Tyres Service

Hawker Motors Tyre Service
Phone 08 86 484 014

If you are looking for tyres in Hawker call and see us.
At Hawker Motors, in the Flinders Ranges we have a range of NEW passenger and 4wd tyres, both highway and A/T tread.
Punctures usually take about 20minutes to repair.
If you have a small puncture in your tyre from a stone, a nail, or other sharp object in the tread area of the tyre, a repair can usually be made to the tyre.
Side wall damage cannot be repaired.
We have Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Maxxis, Kumho, Toyo, Terra Trac and Westlake.
We have a large range of tubes in stock for cars, 4wds and Motorcycles.
In our sales area we have a selection of tube and tyre patches, puncture repair kits, wheel braces, Jacks and tyre levers for sale.
When in the Flinders Ranges and you need assistance with a tyre problem call and see us.
Phone 08 86484 014


When travelling in the Flinders Ranges on unsealed roads caution needs to be taken to avoid tyre problems.
We recommend reducing speed to reduce tyre problems.
Save yourself money by driving slower on unsealed roads.
In years when there is little rain, and when the traffic increases the roads breakup, the fine material blows away in the dust from the traffic and stones remain to damage your tyres.