Waurakinga hold a very special place in my heart, my Grand Mother Gertrude Learinhan owned the Hotel.

Waukaringa township was proclaimed on 1st November 1888 and the census in March 1889 records that 475 people were living in the town and area.

Grandmother Gertrude purchased the Waukaringa hotel 24th February 1930 until 18th February 1947.

Grandmother then sold the hotel but the new owners only had the licence for approximately two months and Grandmother had to take the hotel back.

Grandmother then ran the hotel until 22nd July 1947 when her son George Teague then became proprietor until 5th July 1950.

The last licence was 28th November 1963 untill some time in 1964.

July 2011 Waukaringa Hotel
Waukaringa Hotel Waukaringa Grand Stand at the race track
Waukaringa Hotel with George Teague's father inlaws cart out front. Waukaringa Hotel 2011
My father Fred Teague painted the name Waukaringa Hotel with Stockholm tar in about 1930 G E Leahinan General Storekeeper Olary 1926
Donkey Derby Waukaringa Donkey Derby Waukaringa
Curnamorna Wooll
Load of wool from Curnamona

Waukaringa School






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Waukaringa town view  
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