Things to do travelling from Hawker

From Hawker you can visit the following.

  • Jarvis Hill lookout
  • Castle rock
  • Camels Hump
  • Police Hill walk
  • Moralana Scenic Drive and Black Gap lookout
  • Travel to Blinman
  • Travel Parachilna
  • Take a trip to Marree, the start of the Birdsvill track, allow a day to return to Hawker and dine out at one of the food providers in the evening.
  • Take flight over Wilpena pound
  • Go and take in the view from Puglist hill lookout
  • Visit Arkaroo rock
  • Visit Sacred Canyon
  • Bush walk from Wilpena Pound
  • Take a picture of Cazneaux tree
  • Appealinna Ruins
  • Visit Bunyeroo Gorge
  • Travel Brachina Gorge, Aroona Valley and the Geological Trail
  • Visit Leigh Creek
  • Heysen Trail
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