North West Hawker.

Hawkers sold goods to people living in the bush.



Bagged wheat in railway trucks at Hookina railway siding.

Walking on the Hookina Bridge

After the flood the Hookina Bridge has gone not the water pipe and pump house

Hookina Cricket team


Hookina Football Team


Hookina Bridge 840 feet long

Crossing the Hookina after the flood

The township plan of the old Hookina township.

Hookina Railway Siding, township of Wonoka


Hookina School

Pumping Water from a bore.

Hookina Bridge looking south from the Western side.

Piece of gum through hookina bridge girder

Shearing Team

Sports Day at Hookina.

Woolyana Bore

First bore in Hookina area

Water is flowing at the bore

Welcome home from the war.

Hunting wild dog party.