Donald Cambell with the Bluebird on Lake Eyre

Donald Campbell set the Land Speed record on Lake Eyre, 17 July 1964

Sir Donald Cambell getting in the cockpit
Left to right Terry Collins, Dan Meaney,Trevor Hall and Ernie Cousins on Lake Eyre
Dan Meaney leaning on the Bluebird. July 1964
Sir DonaldCambell and mechanic
Sir Donald sitting on cockpit
Getting ready for practice run.238 kms.
Ready to go, putting the wheel guard on and Sir Donald to talking to his wife second and third from right.
Bluebird on Lake Eyre Alf Mertens and Joe Langford talk to mechanic.
The Bluebird
Getting ready for practice run.
Bluebird track on Lake Eyre19kms.
The day that Sir Donald broke the record on Lake eyre. Photo taken at Muloorina Station left to right Joe Langford, Bruce Gloede Alf Mertens Terry Collins and Sir Donald Cambell.
Sir Donald's plane
Dan Meaney and Sir Donald Cambell.
Flowing bore Muloorina.